About us & our products

Our products are made in real wood

MyWoodenWedding offers a natural and creative production made from real wood. Our products are light and resistant. They are made to fit in standard envelopes so you can send them like any of your regular sendings.

We use wood from sustainably managed forests only.

Wood is a living material. By entrusting us with your project, you choose a natural product. Each piece is unique and authentic:  the nodes, the ribs, the color variations, are the witnesses of the history of each tree. All these specificities are appreciated by our clients and by ourselves!

For these reasons, observable differences in appearance may be detected between two products.

Aspect variations depending on the wood shades

Whatever might the wood shades be, we always provide precise engraving.

We offer you the best of laser technology and wood printing

MyWoodenWedding offers you the best of laser technology and wood printing. Our philosophy remains centreon the idea of making this service accessible to as many people as possible, with reasonably priced products, yet with no compromise on quality.

The main steps of your experience with us

As soon as we get your order, the artwork of your project will be sent to you by email within 1 or 2 working days. This artwork is the 'ready for printing' proof of your approval: you will be requested to validate the layout and the content of your products before anything is produced. We will exchange with you as many emails as neccessary to ensure that we get the exact display desired. As soon as the artwork proof is validated, production will start and the products will then be shipped to you place.

MyWoodenWedding's commitment to nature

MyWoodenWedding is involved with the French association 'Planète urgence' (literally 'Urgence Planet') against climate inequalities. As part of an ecosystems rehabilitation and reforestation program in Madagascar and in Indonesia, we finance the planting of one tree per day.

Planète Urgence - "We help you to act"

If you still have any question, please just ask!